Huawei MateBook D 14 Disassembly

Huawei MateBook D14 Disassembly

Introduction This article covers the SSD Upgrade of my Huawei MateBook D14 Disassembly. Here are the exact specifications, but it might also apply to other models of this series. Model: W00D-53010GXL CPU: AMD Ryzen...

Clone Hard Drive with Macrium Reflect

Introduction From time to time you might get into this situation. You either have an old laptop with a hard disk drive (HDD) or you have a newer model with a small...
Home Office Setup

Windows: Spot Disk Usage with TreeSize

Introduction If your device (laptop or workstation) has a small hard drive, maybe because you have a 120GB solid state drive (SSD) as system drive, you might get into this situation. With...
Source Code

WordPress: Translate Strings with functions.php

Introduction If you are living in a non-english speaking country like me, or you create a website for a customer in a country like that you probably need to translate the website...
Using Regular Expressions (RegEx)

WooCommerce: Show Custom Text for Products with no Price

Imagine you have some special individual products on your WooCommerce store where you do not want to show the price to the public visitor. Probably you want your interested customers to...

How to find driver causing Bluescreens (BSODs) of your Windows 10 device

Introduction Unfortunately you can face sometimes a Bluescreen of Death (BSOD) after installing an unsupported driver or if a driver is outdated. If you have not seen a Windows Bluescreen yet, it...
Visual Dashboard

Adapt WooCommerce Customer Menu at My Account page

If you are creating a WooCommerce-powered Wordpress webshop, you might get into the following situation. Per default, the WooCommerce "My Account" section displays the following menu entries for the user. I...
Raspberry Pi

Installation of OpenMediaVault5 NAS Raspberry Pi

I have been using my old Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ as a media center with LibreELEC for a very long time. Today, I decided to install another system on my...

Generate ACL Report of File Share with PowerShell to CSV

I think all of you who are administrating file servers, file shares and their permissions, maybe also together with colleagues, will know this situation. Especially at large and complex structures, there...
Network Cables connected to a Switch

Robocopy: How to Copy Massive Amounts of Data reliably

Introduction Last time I had the task to copy massive amounts of data between two file share systems. With massive amounts I talk about Terabytes :) In addition, one of the systems...