Network Cables connected to a Switch

Robocopy: How to Copy Massive Amounts of Data reliably

Introduction Last time I had the task to copy massive amounts of data between two file share systems. With massive amounts I talk about Terabytes :) In addition, one of the systems...
Windows Battery Usage

Windows PowerShell: Generate Battery Report

Lately I created an advertisement to sell my old laptop via an online portal/marketplace. One potential buyer asked me, how the condition of the battery is. So I asked myself -...

SCCM Windows Feature Update: Error Code 0xC1900208

Today I wanted to update a Windows 10 client to version 1809 by installing the feature update with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). Unfortunately, I got the following SCCM Windows...

Analyze why an user gets locked out in Active Directory

Recently I wanted to connect to a machine with my admin user but then I realized that this user had been locked out in Active Directory. The counter for bad passwords...

How to change an expired Windows password via remote desktop protocol (RDP)?

Last time I had the problem, that the password of my administrator account was expired due to changes to the password policies. The expiry date had been reduced and the last...

Quickly access important Windows functionalities

There are some crucial functionalities of Windows which are needed very often. Imagine being connected to a Windows computer which is installed in a foreign language. How can you quickly access...