Quickly access important Windows functionalities

There are some crucial functionalities of Windows which are needed very often. Imagine being connected to a Windows computer which is installed in a foreign language. How can you quickly access...
Source Code

Export user data from Active Directory

It will happen again and again. Your customers or colleagues will ask you to export specific user data from Active Directory. The easiest way to do this is with the command...
Using Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Exchange Server 2010 Shared mailbox: Save sent items in the source mailbox

If you create shared mailboxes at your Exchange server and assign send permissions for multiple users, you might get into this situation. After a user sends the first message from this...

Copy Active Directory groups from one user to another

Last time I had the situation that an employee switched from one department to another, thus all security groups need to get updated. If this is the case, you can simply...
Home Office Setup

How to find your available .com domain

You want to create your own website but you are still struggling which domain name to choose? This is one of the greatest challenges on your way.Nearly all domains which will...