Last week I purchased the OSRAM Smart+ LED strips because they were offered for a very good price, so I could not resist ๐Ÿ™‚

Delivery Contents

  • 3 LED strips รก 60cm
  • Power adapter
  • Controller
  • Extension Cable 90cm

Here are pictures of the included parts:


In my opinion, the cost-benefit ratio is very good. In comparison to other LED strip sets, which are ZigBee-compatible, they are truly cheap.

The only thing I really do not like here: There is just one extension cable for three strips included – So one strip needs to be connected directly to another one. And, the only extension cable is way too short – I think it is about 90cm long, which is for my use case too short. In case you also need a longer or an additional extension cable to connect the separate strips, I recommend you to purchase these extensions, because I already have them in use and they have a very good cost-benefit ratio.

These are two cables with a length of 2m each. In addition, 4 pieces of 5-pin connectors are included, so you can perfectly adapt them to your needs:

Echo Plus Setup

If you want to set up the OSRAM Smart+ LED strips with your Amazon Echo Plus without an OSRAM gateway, you need to apply the following procedure:

  1. Power it on
  2. Power it off
  3. Power it on again
  4. LED strips are blinking
  5. Search for new devices at the Alexa app on your smartphone
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