Using Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Creating favicons and app icons for your website

Do you know what favicons and app icons are? On the one hand, favicons are the little icons which are shown in every browser tab where a website is opened and...
Google Analytics Traffic

Analyze the Performance of your Website with

If you want to analyze and improve the performance of your website, I can definitely recommend you the following tool. Website Performance Test It can also help you to detect the root...
Laptop with Google Analytics

WooCommerce: Configuration of W3 Total Cache Plugin

Last week I wanted to improve the performance of a webshop running WordPress with WooCommerce. So I decided to realize this by using the W3 Total Cache Plugin. I am already...
Visual Dashboard

Adapt WooCommerce Customer Menu at My Account page

If you are creating a WooCommerce-powered Wordpress webshop, you might get into the following situation. Per default, the WooCommerce "My Account" section displays the following menu entries for the user. I...